Manage all your deliveries with Our Delivery Dashboard

Delivery Concept

Simplify the way you manage all the incoming orders.Bags used to keep pizza hot while being transported are commonly referred to as hotbags or hot bags. Hotbags are thermal bags, typically made of vinyl, nylon, or Cordura, that passively retain heat.Material choice affects cost, durability, and condensation. Heated bags supply added heat through insertion of externally heated disks, electrical heating elements, or pellets heated by induction from electrically generated magnetic waves.


Keep Customers Updated.

By using our delivery dashboard, you can keep your customers updated about their order status in real times! Really? Yes, that’s correct, as now its very easier for you to manage all your deliveries as well as it help’s you to inform everyone/customers about the status in real time. Its proven as one of the best useful techs in today’s market!

Eagle Eye View! Assign Orders to the Right Driver.

It’s now easier to choose the right driver to deliver the next order by just a few clicks using our delivery dashboard. It’s more convenient & very flexible to use when its come to managing your business deliveries. Work like an expert using the latest delivery management tool!

driver 2
Have you heard about Auto-Assign Drivers? Let your Dashboard do the work We got it ready!

Your Drivers won´t miss an order, with the Push Notification sent by the system.

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Instant Push Notifications.
To provide the best customer service and workflow, your Dashboard will send notifications on every status change.
All your Apps in perfect Sync.
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Detailed Order Information.

Start the process of delivery before the food is even ready, with full information in your dashboard.

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