Restaurant Marketing in USA

Marketing plays a bigger role for sales for any restaurant than any other tactics, Specially the digital or social media marketing plays the more vital role than any simple and old style marketing strategy like billboards and flyers, etc. Digital marketing brings in more than 40 percent of sales for any restaurant as compared to that of the restaurant practically seen by customers in real life.


Why marketing for restaurants is Necessary?

There are many tactics and strategies for your new or old restaurant marketing, some are simple while some are complex. The simple strategies are easy to imply while complex strategies are powerful and useful and require professional and experts to imply it and promote your business much faster, don’t worry Partake7 is here to do each type of restaurant marketing management for you in a professional way with our best expertise with faith and honesty.

Owning a Restaurant?

Successful Tips of Restaurants Startups

Any company or organization is located and exists at two places (might be practically or virtually) and can be reached at two places from two different channels or sources in today’s world of technology, one is practically existence and the second one is on internet. So any restaurant can drive in sales from two sources, here

  • One source is its practical existences or geological location which is the primary source of marketing.
  • The second one is its presence on the internet which is a main and bigger source of sales and marketing because nowadays people visit any place or access anything on the internet more than at its practical existence place.

Partake7 Understand the Customer Problem

Many times many customers want to know about the menu first and then decide whether to enter the restaurant or not, otherwise, they avoid it and heads back to their mostly and frequently visited restaurants.

Why is that so?

Because the majority of customers have phobia in case of restaurants and they think if they enter then they will have to order at least something (might be against their choice) due to formalities, which might be against their choice or will be waste of money, time and efforts. While the other customers, they don’t just bother to know if there is any better food or restaurant than one in which they use to eat frequently. Some of the customers even don’t have an idea or they don’t remember about the food ordering system.

Partake7 Restaurant Marketing

Our restaurant marketing and management is another best tool to promote your business much faster in the USA and boost up your sales like our food ordering system. Partake7 restaurant marketing management uses platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Yelp and Google to convert the people of the USA into followers and then followers into customers and later in repeated customers. Our posts are customized according to the customer’s mood and needs and we present your restaurant as a perfect match for them. We reach new people in the USA to make them customers or interested followers who are later on converted into customers and repeated customers.

Restaurant Marketing Plans

Our restaurant marketing plans are enormous and marvelous in the entire USA. Our restaurant marketing and management will boost up your sales to forty percent. Partake7 makes the best of SEO to raise your ratings. Partake7 promotes your app to make it easier for your customers to know about you instantly, resulting in increasing your sales. Our restaurant marketing management replies faster to the messages helping you to not lose your customers. Partake7 restaurant marketing management provides you option for additional posts enhancing your sales. Our content, blogs, videos, podcasts are not copied, we make it according to your business.

Restaurants Marketing Strategies

Our strategies and tactics are plans executed smartly with best timings. So we post on effective times of the day when there is much demand or need for food in the USA. Partake7 make necessary changes and adjustments according to the need of time in SEO every three months. Partake7 gives you the option to post and highlight your offers, enter to win, coupons, and specials to attract more customers for you. Cross-platform marketing is another strategy to enhance your restaurant marketing.

Restaurant marketing ideas and trends

Partake7 provides the best restaurant marketing ideas in the USA. Partake 7 restaurant marketing ideas and trends includes SEM (search engine marketing), SEO (search engine optimization), SMM (Social Media Marketing), Email Marketing and Retargeting marketing. We help you to raise and maintain your ratings with SEO. Beside SEM and SEO, we provide SMM (social media marketing) which contributes a lot to your restaurant’s marketing and brings in more customers and sales much faster. Email marketing is done to target potential customers directly. We focus more on Facebook and yelp because much customers and followers are found on a platform like these.

Social Ordering

Allow us to use our marketing capabilities to turn your restaurant’s social followers into repeat and new business with online ordering from your Facebook, Instagram, Yelp, or Google business profiles. You have the choice Maximize your social presence now with our free handbook..


Restaurants marketing

Partake7 Buzz  (Social Media Marketing & Management)

We create the Buzz to generate recurring and new traffic to your site. Our marketing team collaborates with you on custom marketing campaigns to boost customer engagement and create positive image of your business as well as utilize Search Engine Optimizations to improve your standing in the Google and other search engines.Buzz is focused on establishing and retaining loyal customer base with use of social media and email marketing based on best practices and strategies


Social Media

Promote Your Business on Facebook

We’ll get the ball rolling with a custom strategy to drive awareness and sales with your loyal Facebook fans.

Receive Advice From the Experts

We’ve got you covered with pro tips, user guides, and checklists on social media marketing for restaurants.

restaurant marketing

Meet The Succesful Team

Our Restaurant Success Team is dedicated to helping you grow your to-go business. We have a pulse on the latest in marketing for restaurants and will strategize digital, print, and social media tactics that are proven to increase revenue, customer acquisition, and app downloads for your restaurant.

Email Marketing

Yelp Management Account

Connect with influencers is the place.

Google/Facebook/Yelp Ads and Email Marketing

Most efficient channel to help our clients to reach their customers

• Offers/Enter to Win.  • coupons.  • Specials.

Send Monthly Emails, Hassle-Free

The subscription email program, The Monthly Taste, sends one branded email blast a month to your customers, featuring pre-set promotions and messaging.


Engage the business account to partake7 recipe account. (to increase the rank of the business.)


E-Commerce Website Package

  • Connect with influencers in the space
  • Check analytics and adjust SEO every 3 months.
  • Engage the business account to partake7 recipe account.
    (to increase the rank of the business.)

Facebook Management

  • Reply to incoming messages
  • Check alerts for brand mentions and respond as needed
  • Monitor for reviews and untagged mentions and related keywords and respond
  • Check current trending topics for language to include and avoid
  • Schedule posts according to effective times of day:

• Once per week
• Additional post at discounted prices

  • Review products and services for upcoming posts
  • Develop original content: blogs, videos, podcasts, etc.
  • Monitor competitor platforms for ideas, responses, trends
  • Engage with active followers and fans
  • Link Social Media to generate cross-platform marketing.
restaurant marketing management

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