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Providing million dollar companies technology to always help you get successful.With this, your customer will be able to schedule the Day & Time for delivery or pickup according to the Menus you have available in your Stores. Start selling all the days of the week,the success will be faster than expected.

Partake7 for the multi-stores platform(marketplaces)

Our Partake7 website gives your online user/customer the possibility to place an order within just a few clicks from their desktop/laptop, i.e., by auto fetching your user’s current geolocation (or the users can enter their address manually), to check for the available business that can deliver the order, ASAP.

What are the process and user experience ?

Firstly, users arrive on the homepage, and they must have to select if they wish to pick up the order or to get them delivered to a particular address, I.e., they have to choose either “Pickup” or “Delivery” to place an order (Mandatory).
Secondly, we have the option to auto-detect the user’s present geolocation, so they can either select the auto detect address suggested by our system, or they can enter an address manually. Then our system shows all related business that is available to take orders within their geolocation. Along the business its also reveals its Open-Close time, Minimum Order Value, Delivery Fees, Delivery Time & Distance from the user’s address, to help the user choose any business near to them, to have the order.

Process and user experience

Thirdly, the users select their desire store, checks all the menu & items along with an offer if any product has as well as they can see the business basic info’s like address, business open-close timings, phone no, etc., ratings & customers reviews. Then choose their desired products with options like ingredients, sizes, amount and special wishes. For each item you select you will get an option to give special instructions as comments, to express your desire about how you need to have it.
Fourth & finally, once the user adds the items to the cart, the user can move to the checkout where he introduces his final address for delivery. On this step, the user must select a payment method like cash or credit card. The user can now hit “order now,” and if he has chosen the credit card payment, the system will show him a screen to introduce the credit card data, once the user completes the payment, then the system places the order at the store.
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Fully responsive Partake7 website, works great on any device.

On any device seriously… Responsive design is an approach to web page creation that makes use of flexible layouts, flexible images and cascading style sheet media queries. The goal of responsive design is to build web pages that detect the visitor’s screen size and orientation and change the layout accordingly.

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